Kahler Glen Community Association Board 2017-18

Please contact us at board@kahlerglencommunity.org

Neil Taylor: President

Rex Lund: Vice President

Cary Ecker: Treasurer  treasurer@kahlerglencommunity.org

Sue Hennessy: Secretary & Board Communications

Nancy Miller: Board Member

Lynn Withrow: Board Member & Chair, Infrastructure Committee

Judy Kiesz:  Board Member

John Christianson: Water System – John is no longer on the Board but continues to consult with us in completing this critical project.

Julie Burrage, community member, chairs the Architectural Control Committee  kgca.acc@gmail.com

Board Committees/Chair:  Architectural Control – Julie Burrage, Infrastructure – Lynn Withrow, Restaurant-Neil Taylor, Community Landscaping – Paula Robinson, Firewise – Bill Miller, Winter Sports/Recreation – Bill Miller, Governance – Sue Hennessy

Property Manager:  Gary Marks

Please do not rely on email communication for any emergency. This would include any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department or ambulance. If you need emergency attention, call 911.

Architectural Committee Contact Email – ACC@kahlerglencommunity.org

Athletic Club Contact Email – athleticclub@kahlerglencommunity.org