Kahler Glen
A Community Owned Resort
Water Conservation


Kahler Glen Community Association Water Conservation Mission Statement


Actively manage the wise, long term, and sustainable beneficial use of community water resources through the following actions:    

1. Support our community’s implementation of effective water conservation measures

2. Adopt best management practices for water conservation for all community landscapes, properties, and facilities

3. Promote community education regarding water conservation 

4. Consider and understand the implications of climate change on water resource availability to the community, and it's businesses and their customer

5. Implement effective supply-side conservation measures

6. Establish water use policies and procedures in compliance with applicable governmental statutes, rules and regulations

7. Ensure long term water availability by collecting evidence demonstrating the 'beneficial use' necessary to convert water rights permits to water rights certificates

8. Effective long-term planning


KGCA Drought Management Policy

Water Conservation Information


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