This is to remind you that it is time for every condo owner to assure the interior of your condo maintains a temperature of at least 55 degrees. This requirement is necessary to prevent frozen pipes. If your heat is off and a pipe breaks or other problems occur because of it, our insurance policy may not cover the damage. In fact, you may be liable if water leaks from your condo into another. Excess insurance claims could lead to loss of insurance for our entire complex. (Also, keep in mind; there is a $10,000 deductible.)

The condo board has developed an inspection program where Lisa Hanson (property manager), periodically checks all units with a temperature sensor gun during the winter months. This has proven to be a worthwhile program. Lisa has discovered some issues during her inspections and was able to prevent potential problems. We will continue with this program, however, maintaining adequate heat remains the responsibility of the home owner. NOTE: Lisa does not enter your condo unless the sensor gun indicates the internal temperature is less than 55 degrees. If the temperature is less than necessary she will notify you and adjust your thermostat.

In addition to the above, the Board recommends that owners:

· Check your heating and A/C system regularly by a professional (twice yearly is recommended-This is Choice Electric’s 2013 Fall bid.

· Annually replace batteries in thermostats (if needed) and smoke detectors

· When leaving your unit unoccupied, open the cupboard doors beneath your sinks so that the heat from the room can more easily reach the pipes

Even with the above actions, unforeseen accidents or damage can occur. Therefore, one very strong recommendation we make to all owners is to have their unoccupied unit checked on a regular basis. We suggest that someone do a walk through at least every two weeks, more often if possible. They should be checking to make sure your furnace/AC is working and maintaining the temperature in your unit at or above 55 degrees in cold seasons and 72 or higher in summer months. They should also check for any evidence of leaky pipes or appliances, roof leaks, or animal infestations. The earlier such problems are caught, the less damage they will cause. If you don’t have someone to perform this inspection for you, Lisa Hanson can be hired to do this on an individual basis. You can contact her at or 509-763-0370