New owners are welcomed to Natapoc Village with a combination of New Owner materials distributed by the Kahler Glen Community Association bookkeeper and the Natapoc Village Secretary.  We strive to keep our community rosters up to date by requesting new owner addresses, email, phone numbers so that we can alert you to community news, upcoming events, emergency situations, KGCA Board meeting schedule, annual meeting notices for KGCA and Natapoc Village, and familiarize you with the Kahler Glen Community Association website.  Changes in contact information should be sent to Secretary, Mary Anne Thorbeck at

Natapoc Village Governing Documents are on the website as are the Governing Documents of Kahler Glen Community Association.  If new owners have questions regarding the bylaws or CC&Rs, please contact our Secretary, Mary Anne Thorbeck at

Rules and Regulations governing Natapoc Village are the same as those governing the KG Community Association.To view Rules and Regulations:  Go to; then to Governing Documents, then to Rules and Regulations.

The roof of the Natapoc residences was replaced in fall of 2017; roofs on garages were replaced in spring of 2018. Malarkey Warranty document is attached.